Friday, April 22, 2016

Vekh, O Bandaya! - See, O Humans - Baba Bulley Shah (Punjabi/English)

Originally Posted on June 22 and September 8, 2010:

Asmaanan te ud-day panchhi
Vekh te sahi ki karday nein
Na O karday rizk zakheera
Na O bhukkay marday nein
Kadi kisi nay pankh pakhero
Bhukkay marday vekhay nein?
Banda ee karda e rizk zakheera
Banday ee bhukkay marday nein

(Baba Bulley Shah)

English Translation for those who don’t understand Punjabi!
See, O Humans
The birds flying high in the skies
Just see what they do
Neither do they hoard their food
Nor do they starving die
Has anyone ever seen
Birds dying of hunger?
It’s humans who hoard the food
And it’s humans who die of hunger.

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From: Bilal Hussain Memon

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