Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Process for Exit/Re-Entry Letter in KSA (Updated)

Originally Posted on 13th February 2014

If you are on Iqama in KSA and you had to leave the country temporarily then there was a requirement to have an Exit/Re-Entry letter. This letter was applied and provided by the Qafeel (Recruiter) and this letter was presented at the immigration counter at the airport with the Passport. This process has been changed recently and now its completely online: means when your qafeel will apply for your Exit/Re-Entry and its ready, he won’t provide you with any letter, it would be updated in the systems of the government  and you would be allowed to leave the country.


But if your qafeel tells you that the Exit/Re-Entry is ready, how would you know its true? I mean you would definitely wont like to get to know at the airport that your Exit/Re-Entry is not reflecting in the system. So once your qafeel says that your Exit/Re-Entry is ready, follow the below process to check:


Process 1:

Go to https://www.eserve.com.sa/VVSWeb/actions/changeLang.do?lang=e&action=vvs


  • In 1st value choose ‘Iqama Number’ and Enter your Iqama number in the textbox in front.
  • In 2nd value choose ‘Passport Number’ and Enter your passport number in the textbox in front.
  • Click on ‘Check’ and it will show you complete information about the Exit/Re-Entry
  • image

You can also print it using the ‘Print Visa Issued via SMS’ feature in the left side.


Process 2:


  • Click on ‘Details’ on left bottom:image
  • Scroll Down to See ‘Visa Information’image

If your Exit/Re-Entry has been processed then here you would see your Visa Number, its Expiry Date etc. Its better to take a printout of this page just in case if it is required at any Airport.

How to Apply for Exit Re-Entry Visa Online ~ Life in Saudi Arabia
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Question by Haris Mahmood:

I have Multiple Exit-Re Entry Visa. The MOI website shows that the visa is valid till 30th Jan 2015. I need to understand that does this means I am allowed to travel outside before 30th Jan or I have to even come back before 30th Jan.

Answer by Kashif Iqbal:

I believe your Exit/Re-Entry is valid till 30th Jan and if you have to travel; then make it before 30th and come back before 30th Jan.(for Re-Entry). Also if you never travelled on this visa then you face penalty of 1000 SAR.




  1. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

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  3. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

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