Friday, December 26, 2014

How to check your Company's Nitaqat Category (Red / Yellow / Green) in Saudi Arabia (Updated)

Original Article Published on Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2 years back KSA started another wave of Saudization in which they divided all companies into 3 categorizations with respect to the company’s compliance with Saudi Government’s Saudization Policy. In a nutshell, your company has to be in green category in order to survive properly.


If your company is not in green category then you should check with your company about their plan on getting in green category, else it can effect your job sooner or later. You can check your own company’s category by following the guide given on the below link:


You would also have to enter the CAPTCHA on the first page to move forward. The page is only available in Arabic language.


How to check your Company's Nitaqat category in Saudi Arabia -
With the confusion surrounding the process of Saudization, many people asked how they can find which category their company falls in. It is very simple and quick. Just get you iqama no. and go the Ministry of Labor website (click here). Next you wi…
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If your company’s category appears as very small green then that means the company has 9 or less number of employees.

There is also another category ‘white’. It seems this category was allocated to companies which were given grace period before they were changed to red.


More details can be found on this doc:


Another Guide:

Life in KSA for expatriates: Nitaqat system. How to check your company's status?
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