Sunday, June 1, 2014

NavFree adds support for BlackBerry Q5 and Q10, brings new maps as well

Although there's no official Google Maps app for BlackBerry 10, that doesn't mean there's no great map apps for BlackBerry 10. NavFree is one app I've been testing lately easily becoming one of my favorites. The features list for NavFree is extensive and the way they've set their app up is great. You don't need to download every map they offer, just the ones you need and you're set.

Previously though, it wasn't available on any of the Q-Series of BlackBerry 10 devices but a new update available in BlackBerry World right now changes that, as it adds support for the Q5 and Q10. As for that features list, have a look below to see it all laid out. If you're looking for a mapping app, NavFree is something you'll want to check out and best of all, it's available as a free download.

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