Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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Only a few people know that I am part of Genius Book of World Records, in 2007 when Siemens MN merged Nokia Net to make NSN, Nokia had association with Panda.org (WWF), as NSN employee I was able to register to Panda.org, there was some competition going on in which one had to answer environment related questions, I topped in MEA region and later I was invited by WWF to be part of World's Largest Tiger Mosaic, the  two-storey-high photo mosaic was created from personal photos of nearly 25,000 tiger lovers from at least 146 countries and I was one of them (representing Pakistan, although I had nothing to do with tigers). 35 organizations working to save wild tigers prepared that, they succeeded in whatever they wanted to achieve and I got myself in World Records

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