Saturday, September 10, 2016

Suggestion for IFTTT – If This Then That (Updated)

Originally posted on Monday, September 1, 2014:


I live in KSA and here the humidity drops to as low as 10%, human body requires at least 30% humidity to work properly thus we use humidifiers here. I would like to get notified when I should turn on the humidifier, by getting a notification that current humidity level has dropped below 30% . This notification is not provided by any service at the moment. This trigger can be easily added by IFTTT’s in their weather channel.

Hoping that they will read this post and will provide this notification soon which will help many people living in dry areas of this planet.

Update(07-09-2016): Finally, I got a response from IFTTT after 2 years, here it is:

Troy replied:


That’s a great idea! While that’s not a feature we currently support, we’ll log your request and share it with the team.

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