Sunday, November 13, 2016

LIKEs and DON'T LIKEs of Professional Emails

In my opinion:


  • Inbox is cluttered with emails caused by others using the “Reply to all” option.
  • Incompatibility/lack of clarity between email subject and content.
  • Big and Non-Uniform Signatures.
  • Emails in other languages without English Translation.
  • Email Firewalls Changing Subjects.
  • Emails from iPhones which ruins the format of the complete email chain.


  • Receiving useful and new information.
  • Messages include audio/video attachments that assist in understanding the content.
  • Messages include links to sites that broaden the knowledge base.
  • Keeping Email Body Short and Precise.
  • Good Formatting of Email Body with Clear Information/Action Items.
  • Sending Meeting Requests instead of mentioning about Meetings in Email Body.


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