Monday, April 25, 2016

What is Free in Saudi Arabia but Requires Money in Other Countries (Updated)

It is human nature that it's difficult to realize and be thankful for what one has and its very easy to notice and envy what one doesn't have. We only realize the importance of what we have once we have lost it.

There are many things which are Free of Cost in Saudi Arabia but are charged in many other countries. I have compiled the following list in this regard, plz feel free to share if I have missed something.

1. There are No Taxes like:
    • Income tax
    • Payroll tax
    • Property tax
    • Consumption tax etc
2. Free Parking: I am only aware of 2 places in the whole country where parking is charged, that is because 10+ Million people visit those places every year, except that and airports, parking is free in the whole country.

Update 25-04-2016: A reader Abu Emaan pointed out that there is a company Mawgif operating in KSA which offers Paid Parking facilities. Upon further checking, it was found out that Mawgif has established paid parking lots in busy commercial centers in Jeddah and Khobar.
3. Beaches: Access to all beaches is Free. That is 1000s of KMs of beaches.
4. Parks: Entry to most of the community parks and all of the national parks is Free. Many parks have free BBQ places available.
5. Events: Entry to most of the events is Free. Like participating in Startup Weekends is free here whereas it's charged in rest of the world. Similarly, Car Shows, Technology Events, Medical Events etc have usually Free Entry.
6. Free Gifts: In many festivals and events, free gifts are given. And those are not some cheap gifts, I have received USB Sticks & Hubs, Power Banks, Universal Travel Adapter, Leather Wallets, Leather Personal Agendas, Car USB Charger and Shades, T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs, Stationery Items, Chocolates and Other Food Items etc.
7. Museums: Entry to most of the Museums is Free.
8. Historical Sites: Entry to most of the Historical Sites is Free.
9. Toilets: Use of all toilets is Free.
10. Airport Trolleys: Use of all Airport Trolleys is Free.
11. Supermarket Trolleys: Use of all Supermarket Trolleys is Free.
12. Grocery Bags: Use of any kind of Grocery Bag is Free.
13. Food: In the Holy Month of Ramadan, Free Food (Dinner) is given to thousands of people if not millions.

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