Sunday, May 1, 2016

Documents Required for Applying Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

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No. Document Attestation Required
MOFA Pakistan Saudi Culture Pakistan Saudi Embassy Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Saudi
1 Istiqdam Appointment letter 
2 Receipt of SADAD Payment  (SAR 2000/- for family i.e. spouse and kids)
3 Duly filled Istiqdam form (filled in arabic, only names should be in english as on Passport) X
4 Company Employment Letter on company letter head X
5 Original Degree Certificate X X X
6 Arabic Translation of Degree X X
7 Original Marriage Certificate (Issued by Government of Punjab) X X
8 Arabic Translation of Marriage Certificate X X
9 Family Registration Certificate (Issued by Nadra) X X
10 Arabic Translation of Family Registration Certificate X X
11 Birth Certificates of children (Issued by Government of Punjab) X X
12 Arabic Translation of Birth Certificates X X
13 Your Original Passport
14 Your Passport Copy (First two pages and Visa Page)
15 Your Original Iqamah
16 Family Passport Copies (First two pages)
1. The arabic translation was done from Pakistan Aabpara (Rs. 500 per page). On translation page, you will have english in left column and arabic on right column.
2. Documents from Saudi embassy were attested for Rs. 1500 per page. Documents can be submitted directly at embassy and you can pay the amount through agents outside there.
3. Maintain two sets One containinig original documents and other photo copies of the above documents.
4. Make sure when yellow paper is given that names and relations are correct and names are as on the passport.

Author: Abu Baker Farooq

From: Muhammad A. Butt

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