Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Software/App: IMacros Enterprise Edition v10.3.27.5830 (x86/x64) for Windows – Setup Download

IMacros Enterprise Edition (x86/x64) | 42 Mb

iMacros makes it easy for you to record and replay repetitious work and its the only web automation software that works with every website.

Automate tasks across Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. There is no scripting language to learn, you have full programmatic control over the web browser, so even the most complex tasks can be scripted.

Automate functional, performance, and regression testing across any website technology including Java, Flash, Flex or Silverlight applets and all AJAX elements and capture exact web page response times for every step of a process.

A complete toolset to screen-scrap web data into your database, spreadsheet or any other application. iMacros can do all the web-harvesting and web crawling you needВ automatically, In just minutes.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed: TAG and SEARCH commands error in IE11 after Windows Update KB3025390
iMacros Browser: Completely rewritten and improved ONDOWNLOAD manager. The key differences between the old and the new download manager are: Rewritten download manager, better suited for mass-downloading, web performance monitoring and load testing.
Download specific timeout command: !TIMEOUT_DOWNLOAD
Web testing and transaction monitoring: In addition to checksum, we support now checks on file size inside the ONDOWNLOAD command
Web scripting: File size and name are returned in the variables !DOWNLOADED_SIZE and !DOWNLOADED_FILE_NAME, respectively.
The new variables are supported in the iMacros Browser and iMacros for IE. We plan to support in Firefox and Chrome asap.
New: handle authentication playback in iMacros Browser without dialog
New: handle authentication problems during playback in iMacros Browser without dialog
New: handle missed content issues during playback in iMacros Browser without dialog
Added: new command ONINSECURECONNECTION to handle mixed content instead of ONSECURITYDIALOG
Added: SIZE parameter in ONDOWNLOAD command to check size of downloaded file
Added: log file download stats in performance log file
Added: variable !USE_DOWNLOADMANAGER to switch between new no-dialog download manager and former dialog manager during ONDOWNLOAD playback
Added: display macro runtime on the status bar when macro finished successfully

Download: http://www.gboxes.com/z4lfvefcyjl2/iMacros.v10.3.27.5830_MFT.rar 

From: M_F_T

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