Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Different Angle to the Numerous Political Discussions happening in Pakistan

The following discussion happen on a WhatsApp grp, it has been shared to give a different angle to the numerous political discussions happening in Pakistan:

AM shared a link to a post about new cybercrime bill in Pakistan

[4:57 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: AM: the post shows as if there is something wrong with the cyber crime law, I guess IK has to propose such a law then it will become an overnight success and government will b accused that y they hav r not implemented such a law, we r muslims in an Islamic country, we should be civilized and ethical, thus unethical things should b punishable, but current government is kafir thus we want IK in gov, blah blah

[5:19 AM, 7/29/2016]
KN: urShadow, mere Bhai 🙂 point being if this govt doesn't have ethics or honesty in other matters of operation then why be so honest / ethical in cyber laws. "Making the meme of NS would be punishable by law", where is the fun in that 😄

[5:27 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: It's same like saying, falana banda smoking krta hai tu Namaz q perhta hai, smoking se rok nhi sakte, iss ki Namaz ki kit laga do
What is fun for 1 and not for other is not fun, we hav to reconsider what we consider as fun

[5:36 AM, 7/29/2016]
KN: urShadow, that is not apples to apples comparison. Here a person is imposing on me, you and everyone something he doesn't follow himself, why would I be subjected to his will or a law he chooses, the same law he or they considers themselves an exception from.

[5:36 AM, 7/29/2016]
SK: I dnt have the stamina to read this article .. can somebdy summarise it here pls .. wot r d pain points besides punishing those who makes fun of NS ..

[5:38 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: What he is imposing is good in absolute terms then y would u not like to follow? Just coz u don't like the person, just think about it how it sounds

[5:49 AM, 7/29/2016]
KN: urShadow there might be good things here and there but altogether this is too much, IMHO this is too controlling & people will use it badly to control free speech, knowledge sharing and freedom of expression. Or might as well use it for personal vendetta they have against any member of the ghareeb awam 🙂, Pakistan  after all is an Islamic Democratic republic and not a fascist state 😬,

[5:53 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: Look at the civilizations where there has been no control, in past and present
Just to clear, there is Islam or there is no Islam, there is no middle way (enlightened moderation)

[5:57 AM, 7/29/2016]
SK: U think there is Islam in Pakistan??

[6:00 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: If there was, would people hav been complaining about such laws?

[6:11 AM, 7/29/2016]
SK: Ok .. if it was an Islamic state then, wud the likes of NS, Bhuttos n IK cud ever come to power !!??

[6:13 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: Don't knw, they were not born and raised in an Islamic environment

[6:17 AM, 7/29/2016]
SK: It is not mandatory tht a leader be raised in a Muslim environment .. however its mandatory tht he should b a good muslim and obedient to d scripture ..

[6:19 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: Correct

[6:21 AM, 7/29/2016]
SK: Ok good .. so v agree on this point . Now d next point .. For quite some time we r hearing abt the corruption etc .. nearly everyone is involved and ppl r ready to protest at highest level .. wot is d top most or the most critical corruption btw !!!!!

[6:28 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: Good to knw that, so?

[6:31 AM, 7/29/2016]
SK: Tht was not a statement  but a question ..

[6:32 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: Not following islam

[7:24 AM, 7/29/2016]
SK: Yea true .. but to be precise d greatest corruption is not implmenting the Law of Allah otherwise Sajday ki ijazat to Hindustan m bhe thi to alag mulk leny ki kya zaroorat !!
Unfortunately nobdy talks abt tht corruption ..

[7:44 AM, 7/29/2016]
urShadow: If people r so fed up of this corruption then hav they started doing something about it?

No one is stopping us from implementing the law of Allah on ourselves.

Or we think that someone else will come and remove the corruption from within ourselves? Do we think protesting against everything good or bad, continuous criticism and gheebat, walking in rallies and dharnas, singing and dancing,  voting for a certain person will really make us turn towards Allah? I guess all this can just replace 1 punisher with another


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