Sunday, August 7, 2016

Did Pakistan lose the 3rd Test against England due to a Chewing Gum?

While watching the match, I received a msg from my friend and following conversation happened, just a food for thought...

Zahid Nisar: Are you watching match?

urShadow:  Yup

Zahid Nisar: How England doing reverse swing?

urShadow: 5th day hai, kuch na kuch hona tu expected hi hai

Zahid Nisar: I have the feeling they do something with ball, they are doing it since Strauss captaincy

urShadow: Still all didn't get out coz of reverse swing so no need to find any excuses

Zahid Nisar: The man who got they duty of shinning the ball always the Chewing gum in mouth, In this inning It is Cook, In last game it was Root, They did it successfully against Australia in last Ashes, but aus were unable to spot it.

urShadow: Interesting observation

Zahid Nisar: just see Cook and they throw ball towards him, Do you know that Trescotthic accepted that fact in 2005 Ashes, they use sweat gum

urShadow: What effect it has on the ball?

Zahid Nisar: In the 2010 and 2012 series all their bowlers use gell on their hairs, Helps on shinning side. just like if use oil or grease to reduce friction

urShadow: We lost this match coz of gem of an innings from barestow and moeen ali

Zahid Nisar:  yep,  but that mystery will be resolved one day

urShadow: Maybe, YK is also eating gum all the time

Zahid Nisar:  this cannot be a normal gum.  If it is all teams can do it,  very important thing is that England use it very intelligently,  not all the times,  ball start reverse after 35 overs in this game

urShadow: Hmm, but look at pak batting, they don't know defensive batting, they can't play out the 5th day, they never did

Zahid Nisar:  yes. we will talk again about this for sure. when this is going to happen with India
 and Australia,  and I believe they only do this when playing at home and their own network covering match

urShadow: Then it is a big level game

Zahid Nisar: the kind of reverse swing England got is sudden. An over before there is nothing and
because reverse swing without tempering is also a gradual process, you find slight swing and increases during 5-6 overs, for England it happens suddenly. See any scorecard from last Ashes. it was similar to this current Pak, 150/1 and suddenly a collapse, And currently it is not swinging, at this moment these is no reverse swing, just short pitch bowling going on, just listen commentator, Mike Atherton said this right now

urShadow: Yup I heard

Zahid Nisar: ball stopped swinging after Tea


[6:57 PM, 8/7/2016]
urShadow: Assalamualikum, in ground?

[7:05 PM, 8/7/2016]
Oweis Muhammad (Mansha): Walikum Salam, Nahi Dost just went yesterday

[7:05 PM, 8/7/2016]
urShadow: Ahaan, watching the match?

[7:08 PM, 8/7/2016]
Oweis Muhammad (Mansha): hmm

[7:09 PM, 8/7/2016]
urShadow: Ye sudden reverse swing for a few overs by English bowlers looked suspicious, They r not even experts of reverse swing, England pitches r not famous for reverse swing, paki bowlers couldn't do it on same pitch with more overs, what do u think?

[7:17 PM, 8/7/2016]
Oweis Muhammad (Mansha): Baat tu theek hay dost... Paki bowler looks pretty ordinary, Mushi taught them every thing and then they fired Mushi :P

[7:17 PM, 8/7/2016]

[8:14 PM, 8/7/2016]
Oweis Muhammad (Mansha): In general British R good Manipulator, They use you n then left u alone


urShadow: I informed to a friend of mine, who played club cricket in pak and germany, currently he is in UK, he said mushi would knw

Zahid Nisar: I dont think so. they will let this know

urShadow: Mushi spent so many years in the same dressing room, if even their broadcasters knw then mushi would b watching each match closely

Zahid Nisar: Only permanent member of team know this,  not all the team mates even,  this is my perception

urShadow:  Hmm

Zahid Nisar:  but good thing about these Angraiz is that,  they write their biography after few years

urShadow: Misbah mentioned reverse swing as well

Zahid Nisar: kidher mention kia ha

urShadow: Post match ceremony, Cook mentioned it as well

Zahid Nisar: after few overs from tea. Cook did not have gum, If there ball start reverse once It cannot stopped so suddenly, hard thing is that scratching of ball can be spotted, just like Du Plesis caught using zip on his trousers, but I have been looking like this from 2013 Ashes., This starts when there is bowling change after 30 overs. This is the pattern I know in the all the games, like from this game,

read commentary from 33.1 overs

Change of bowling. Anderson replaces Broad. Can he find some reverse?
Anderson to Sami Aslam, no run, round the wicket, full outside off, doesn't reach Bairstow on the full

Anderson to Sami Aslam, no run, full outside off, a hint of reverse? Left alone

then Younis wicket in same over, I can prove same kind of reverse swing collapse from last Ashes, but this cannot prove our suspicious reverse swing claim, but they do a bowling change after a break through a fall of wicket from partnership, yaqeen tu koi nahi karey ga, jab yeh sab kuch India key sath ho ga phir koi manney ga, but they did with India as well, Only team who is reversing ball now is England and only place where it is happening is England, not happening in UAE, Srilanka and India

"It had been common knowledge in county cricket for some time that certain sweets produced saliva which, when applied to the ball for cleaning purposes, enabled it to keep its shine for longer and therefore its swing," Trescothick said.


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