Sunday, August 14, 2016

Uncompressing a .tar file on Windows

[8:15 AM, 5/24/2016]
Z:  Does anyone know the relevant tool to unzip a tar file?

[8:24 AM, 5/24/2016]
SS: Check with

[8:25 AM, 5/24/2016]
Z:  7zip and winrar give rubbish, apparently I need to import into an OSS and unzip, since the sender zipped in OSS,  😐 , Haven't had this problem before

[2:42 PM, 5/25/2016]
urShadow: Z: tar is from Unix, u tried untar?

[2:44 PM, 5/25/2016]
Z:  Yes, a friend said to install Cygwin, which it turns out isn't very easy to install in Windows 😃 , I tried 7zip, Izarc and winrar to Untar

[3:04 PM, 5/25/2016]
urShadow: If u would b interacting with Unix often then U can install virtual machine like virtualbox from oracle and then can install any free Linux like Ubuntu, if it's just 1 time thing then if the file size is small then send it to anyone using Unix and he can respond u with untar results, if the size is big then visit any team using Unix in ur company, take the file is usb stick and they can untar it for u, But as u mentioned that 7zip and winrar couldn't untar it then the file might b corrupt

[3:06 PM, 5/25/2016]
Z:  Alright, thanks, that's what a colleague using UNIX said as well, if it's extracting and looks funny, it probably got corrupted in trying to zip 12 GB into single file

[3:09 PM, 5/25/2016]
urShadow: 12GB shouldn't b an issue for tar format if there was no issue while building it

[3:10 PM, 5/25/2016]
Z:  Ahan, khair managed to do the job without that data but will try virtual box to be prepared the next time

[3:52 PM, 5/25/2016]

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[8:38 PM, 5/25/2016]

Z:  Thanks


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