Monday, September 26, 2016

Remove Facebook Apps to Protect Your Personal Information

I usually review my fb apps once a year, today was that day and I found out that due to changes in fb policies, most of the fb apps were no more working, but those were still present in my account and had access to my personal information.

Personal information can be sold in good price to several advertisement companies and can be misused by hacking companies thus it is very important to delete those apps from your fb account. Upon my review, I deleted around 40 apps, which were close to half of the total apps which had access to my account.

I would highly recommend you to review apps which have access to your fb account and all those apps you don't use regularly or which are not from famous companies, you should delete them.

The procedure of deleting fb apps is given in the following links:

How to Remove Apps from Facebook | Lawton Digital
Learn from our screenshot guide how to remove apps and permissions on Facebook desktop and mobile.
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If You Aren't Removing Facebook Apps, You Could Be In for a Big (Bad) Surprise
Removing Facebook apps on a regular basis is quick, easy... and it helps protect your privacy and avoid spam. Here's how to do it.
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