Friday, December 23, 2016

Video: Dr Peter Glidden ND's Opinion on Chemotherapy

I asked comments, from the doctors in my circle, about this video, here are the responses:

Dr. AA : The relation of Dr.s with pharmaceuticals is the same throughout the world, no matter its a 3rd world country or 1st world country.

Dr. MA : He's just making it up ... In america ... all medications and tests r regulated by insurance companies... doctors can't get any profit or buy these meds from the companies. Also ... there r several types of cancers .. some r curable and some r not ... doctors tell the patient their chances of survival at the start of treatment. And in england ... patients don't have to pay anything at all... because everything is government funded.

Dr. WA : Feeling depressed after finding out that most of the Drs around me only care for money.

Dr. AAJ : 100 percent true

Dr. HW : No idea. Haven't gone through any research of this kind. I have seen cancer remission patients after chemo. But i don't know if they are 50% or 3% of the total


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