Monday, March 20, 2017

Request for Donations for a Disabled Man - Project Complete!

Update (20-03-2017): Alhumdulillah, the electric wheelchair has been purchased and delivered to the Disabled Man. jazakAllah khair for your donations.

Originally Posted on 6th January 2017:

This man suffered from a bullet injury in the backbone when he was 22 years old, that made his lower body completely paralyzed. Now he is 42 years old and on bed for last 20 years. He has been left alone by his family. He is currently residing in Multan.

My friend has arranged for his monthly adult diapers and medicine. He has also arranged for monthly Rs. 4,000 from the Zakat fund.

Now we are collecting money to buy an electric wheelchair for him so that he can move around at his own and can try to do some kind of work. The top quality electric wheelchair available in Pakistan is costing Rs. 115,000 after discount (actual retail price is Rs. 145,000). It has dual batteries and 3 years warranty of both batteries and mechanical work.

Donations can be made through following channels:
  • In cash to me
  • In cash to my friend in Multan
  • In a KSA Bank Account
  • In a Pakistani Bank Account
  • Via PayPal
Plz let me know which option suits you and I will share the details accordingly. jazakAllah khair.


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