Thursday, June 22, 2017

Request for Donations for Distribution of Dates for the Month of Ramadan 2017 - Project Complete!

Update (19-6-2017): Alhumdulillah distribution of dates is complete, jazakAllah khair for your contributions.

Update (28-5-2017): Dates were received in Multan on 11th May 2017. Distribution has been going on since then. As per the feedback received, the dates are very tasty and people are extremely happy for the fact that the dates are from KSA. jazakAllah khair for your contributions.

Update (18-4-2017): Alhumdulillah, SR 1,500 have been collected. jazakAllah khair for your contributions.

Originally Posted on 9th April 2017:

We have sent 500 kg dates from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan for distribution among madrasas and needy/under privileged, for the month of Ramadan. The cost of the dates has already been donated, whereas we are arranging the cost of cargo, which is SR 1,500 (Rs 42,000). The distribution of dates will be managed by my father and mother.

If you would like to contribute in the cost of the cargo then you can donate through any of the following channels:
  • In cash to me
  • In a KSA Bank Account
  • In a Pakistani Bank Account
  • Via PayPal

Plz let me know which option suits you and I will share the details accordingly, jazakAllah khair.


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