Monday, April 24, 2017

Request for Donations for a Rickshaw Driver - Project Complete!

Update (24-4-2017): Alhumdulillah, Rs 54,000 has been collected and has been sent to my friend, who will hand over this amount to the Rickshaw Driver tomorrow inshAllah. jazakAllah khair for your contributions.

Originally Posted on 16th April 2017:

This rickshaw driver, along with his family, was living in an army quarter in Karachi, which was provided to his father. He, along with his wife and kids, have been recently displaced from his house, he had purchased a rickshaw on installments and thus he was already paying monthly installments, with the added financial burden of shifting and paying for a rented house, his financial condition got so bad that he had to stop his children from going to school and had to take debts.

My friend, who know this rickshaw driver for 30 years, got in contact with him and is collecting donations for the installments of his rickshaw so that he can get financially stable and can again start supporting his family.

Installments pending amount is Rs 10,4000. My friend has already gathered Rs 50,000 through donations, thus Rs 54,000 is left.

If you would like to donate any money, it will be given to my colleague (zakat is also applicable on him).

Donations can be made through any of the following channels:
  • In cash to me
  • In a KSA Bank Account
  • In a Pakistani Bank Account
  • Via PayPal

Plz let me know which option suits you and I will share the details accordingly, jazakAllah khair.


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