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Saudi Council of Engineers might ask for FE and PE Exams (Updated)

Originally Posted in February, 2014:


Update (18-02-14): Msg from Adnan sb:

“Assalam Alaikum:

I spoke to few Saudi Engineers (office colleagues) and according to them if you are just an "engineer" then u don't need this , how to check what is my actual profession...

1/ login to Saudi engineering council membership (I am sure you guys have online user/pass.?)

2/ Once login successfully, u will b able to see your picture and notification for the validity of your membership ... here it will give a link "...please click here to view your profile"...just click there. (Note: if new page is EMPTY then go back, select Arabic and then click again)

3/ Here in profession if you are just "Mohandas" or "Engineer" then you are JUST ENGINEER......This exam is for "Associate Engineer" or "Professional Engineer" and NOT for "Engineer".

This information needs to verify officially with SCE...better to send email, individually to or visit SCE office.

If anyone receive any official reply from SCE then please share.

jazakallah Khair,



Original Post:

I’m not sure if this would be made mandatory for all Engineers in KSA but this is mentioned on Saudi Council of Engineers (SEC)’s website:

As a part of Saudi Council of Engineers' International Cooperation Program, SCE is pleased to announce the start of registration for the Professional Engineering Exam,
PE, in cooperation with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) in USA, which will be held on 13 April 2014 in Dhahran.

Registrations for Fundamental exam will be announced soon. The exam will be a computer based testing (CPT), and the registration will be open all year.

Passing this exam is one of SCE requirements for the degree of Associate Engineer.

Exam Day: Will be during the months of: January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November. Examinees could choose any time during these months.

Engineering disciplines:
- Chemical Engineering          - Mechanical Engineering                   - Electrical Engineering
- Civil Engineering                   - Environmental Engineering              - Industrial Engineering
- Other disciplines

Exam duration: 6 hours, using computers.

Registration requirements:

  1. Bachelor's degree in Engineering (4 years after high school) in one of engineering disciplines.
  2. Fill in registration form and send it to SCE along with a copy of academic qualification and a copy of identity card / residence permit.
  3. Register on-line ( The start of registration will be announced soon.
  4. If accepted by SCE, register on-line at NCEES site
  5. Pay the registration fees: (To be announced later).

Exam location: Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam (Location of test centers will be announced soon).

For more information please contact SCE Accreditation Center (

For more information about the exams, please visit NCEES website:


2 - Professional Engineering Exam, PE

Passing this exam is one of the SCE requirements for the degree of a professional engineer.

Exam day: Sunday April 13, 2014

Engineering disciplines:
- Agricultural Engineering                   - Architecture Engineering                  - Chemical Engineering
- Civil Engineering: Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, Water Resources and Environmental
- Engineering Control Systems
- Electrical and Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, Power
- Environmental Engineering              - Fire Protection Engineering             - Industrial Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering: air conditioning and refrigeration, mechanical systems and materials, Thermal and Fluid Systems
- Metallurgical engineering and materials                   - Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering
- Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering            - Nuclear Engineering
- Petroleum Engineering                                             - Software Engineering           - Structural Engineering

Exam duration: 8 hours, divided into two periods; morning & afternoon.

Registration requirements:

  1. Bachelor's degree in Engineering (4 years after high school) in one of engineering disciplines.
  2. A certified work experience not less than 5 yrs.
  3. Fill in registration form and send it to SCE along with a copy of academic qualification and a copy of identity card / residence permit.
  4. Register on-line and e-mail the required documents to SCE at: no later than February 13, 2014.
  5. If accepted by SCE, register on-line at NCEES site The dead line for registration or cancellation is February 20, 2014.
  6. Pay the registration fees:  (4000) four thousand Saudi riyals for PE exam.

Exam location: Dhahran International Hotel, Dhahran.

For more information please visit SCE website: .

For more information about the exams, please visit NCEES website:

For Exam  Registration please click here


بدء التسجيل لاختبار المهندسين المحترفين (PE)
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NCEES: Saudi Council of Engineers exam registration
NCEES administers exams in Saudi Arabia under an agreement with the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE). Examinees To learn more about exam registration, authorization, and results, please select your exam from the choices below.
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From: Abdul Waheed and Adnan Ul Haque




  1. Any recent developments in this case guys, anybody received any mail from SCE regarding this as I have but it is general information regarding NCEES test. It does not say I have to take it but general circular type
    I have already been awarded Professional Degree Certificate from them, which I did not select when registering, I only selected just Engineer, but they said I have enormous experience from abroad so they have awarded me from their side. I did not argue a lot and paid them 2300 instead of 1200SR as they were insisting me to pay 2300SR and get registered or else I wont be able to renew my Iqama.
    Anybody here knows any implications of this circular?? what if one does not take the test, will his Iqama still be renewed
    I recently renewed my Iqama without anybody asking me anything, but what about in future??
    Will appreciate if anybody throws some light in this regard

    1. That is strange because previously this option was available with the engineer if he would like to register as associate or professional engineer.

    2. Yeah it was quite strange for me in the beginning, why would they want to award me with Professional Engineer when I only opted for Just Engineer
      Anyways when going across different forums online I found one similar case of an engineer who was awarded Associate Engineer when he only opted for Engineer
      Just cant get understand how to solve this problem, I am not sure what help I can get from SCE when I think about my previous experience with them

    3. I have heard today that maybe they are changing their policy and trying to get more engineers at professional and associate level, maybe to earn more or to downsize or to improve the quality of engineers, anyway as this is something new, i guess it will be difficult to find help in this regard at the moment

    4. This was last year Jan 2014 Nauman when I first registered on SCE,

    5. Then after that I hav seen several SCE registrations in which they didn't push for associate or professional engineer registration, so I guess ur case was an exception

  2. Then what should be my next course of action, shall I just wait & watch or approach SCE, any advise from your experience, Thanks

    1. I would recommend to wait till SCE contacts u, whatever contact info you have provided them in ur registration just keep an eye on that.

  3. Dear,

    I have two questions

    I am New to to kingdom and while registering my details in the SCE portal Date of Birth tab and Country of Origin tab was grayed out and i am unable to edit and shows 1965-10-25 and ----. But i continued thinking that its system problem i completed registration and i didnt payed anything, So before i pay please let me know what to do, is there any option so that i can delete this and create new one or what.

    Second question is, is Iqama and SCE registration is necessary for getting exit from and what if Visa expires and dont have Iqama

    Kindly guide me on this.


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