Monday, March 3, 2014

To check which Services are Active on your STC Mobile Connection and How to Cancel (Updated)

Plz send an empty or blank SMS (you can type a space) to 800444 from your STC SIM and you will receive an SMS back from 800444 with information about which services are active on this SIM and procedure on how to cancel these services. The SMS would be in Arabic thus you would have to translate it.


These services might be free or paid, in case if these are paid and you are unaware about its subscription then these might be charging you. Please also note that this will give you the short code (SMS/MMS) related subscribed services like news, weather, prayer alerts, facebook, twitter etc., this will not include all subscribed services on that SIM (STC SIM).


To know all subscribed services on your phone better call 902 :) or to use mySTC application on your smart phone.


From: Abdul Waheed Qayyum & Muhammad Jurial

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