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How to Check your Jawazat Fingerprints Enrolment Status in Saudi Arabia - Step by Step Guide with Snapshots (Updated)

Originally Posted on 21 April 2014


Saudi government has recently made it compulsory for everyone above the age of 18 (males and females) to provide fingerprints to Jawazat.


Fingerprinting a must for all expats above 15 from Jan. 21 (Last updated: Wednesday, November 05, 2014 1:03 PM) - Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — ­ The General Directorate of Passports has made fingerprinting mandatory for all its services for expatriates from Jan. 21 (Rabi Al-Thani 1). This will be applicable to all expatriate men and women above the age of 15, said Ahmad Al-Laheedan, spokesman of the directorate, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
All expatriate women must have mandatory biometric data for services such as exit and reentry visa, profession change, and transfer of passport information (naql al-ma’lumat) effective from Nov. 23 (Safar 1), he said.
“Fingerprinting will be a must for their iqama (residence permit) renewal from Jan. 21. After this date, no passport services will be offered to expatriate men and women who did not record their biometric data with the directorate,” he said.
There are facilities for fingerprinting at all the branch offices of the directorate as well as at specially designed centers across the Kingdom. More details about it can be had from the directorate’s website www.gdp.gov.sa.
Fingerprinting was made mandatory for expatriate men earlier. As far as expatriate women were concerned, biometric data was mandatory only for obtaining a work permit effective from March 31, 2012, and it was optional for all other women.
Al-Laheedan said that the directorate is keen to record biometric data of all expatriate men and women with its central network system. Therefore, the directorate started making fingerprinting for women mandatory for all passport services in phases.
In the first phase, it was applicable for issuance of new iqama and a final exit. Earlier, it was only optional.
The directorate made it mandatory for issuance of new iqama and final exit effective from March 23, this year.


To check if your fingerprints are already with Jawazat or not, you can check it online using the following guide:

How to check Finger Printing status - qSaudi.com
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