Wednesday, June 25, 2014

STC Dedicates the Number (800825) for Reporting Delusive Award Winning Calls

STC has warned its customers from national and international calls they may receive from unknown persons. Calls mislead the customers by coagulating them for financial reward. They asked the customer to transfer credit to a certain number, send a recharge voucher number, or disclose some personal information such as credit transfer PIN and an account number.


To eliminate such practices and protect customer interests, STC has dedicated the number (800825) to report by such calls.  Customers are able to report by a text message with the caller’s  number in order to be traced by concerned authorities. STC would like to assure customers that all its promotional and donation campaigns are clearly advertised through the press and different media. customers winning different prizes are contacted via their cellphones without demanding any amounts or confidential or personal information.

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