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Review: ems – the smartphone partner–Mobile Warranty, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Updated)

Originally Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015:

In May 2014 I purchased BB Q10 from STC Customer Service Center, they provided me with a 12 months warranty of ems. Last Friday while playing cricket I got the screen of my Q10 damaged. It was no more in warranty, I knew a ems branch in Mobile Market, Mursalat, Riyadh thus I visited it but it was closed for indefinite period.  Their contact number was mentioned outside the shop thus I called ems to check what can be done for my mobile. They informed that my mobile can be repaired with repair and service charges and to get to know the estimate I have to visit their office on Olaya Street.


I did that, the door of office was locked and upon knocking and trying to ring the door bell, no one responded, I planned to call their number again but in the meanwhile an employee of ems came from outside and while entering the office he let me enter as well. He guided me to a person Mehmood who was handling such cases, he checked my warranty card and took the phone and informed that I will be informed about the cost estimate in 2 days. Upon my request he agreed to inform me in 1 day. Next day I received the call, they informed that Mobile screen replacement will cost SR 350. I thought it was too much to invest on a phone which is out of warranty and which I can buy new for SR 800 thus I didn’t get it repaired from ems and took my phone back but again this time no one was opening the door, finally 2 employees of ems came from outside and opened the door for me.


ems looked like a big company with professional staff. If your mobile phone is covered by ems warranty then you can contact them on the following details:


Operating Time:

Sunday to Thursday: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Friday - Saturday: Off


Phone: (+966) 9200 00498 (Toll Free)


Address: Office # 403, 4th Floor, Building 12, It’s the corner building on Olaya Street and Musa Ibn Nusair Interaction), Riyadh

You can find the Building entrance door just next to the Kotton store.


Coordinates: 24.701813, 46.677553

Google Maps Link:


They provide Live Chat Support on their website, I have used it and its very quick and convenient.

ems Cover
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Live Support

Ask us anything


Do you repair broken screens of Q10 after warrenty is expired?




EMS Cover Chat Support Agent (A)

Hi, how can we help you today?



ye sir definitely we repair but we charge if the device is out of warranty


Could you please indicate which country and city are you currently located in?

Riyadh, KSA




EMS Cover Chat Support Agent (A)

for complaint you follow the details



i am guiding you accordingly


You are requested to please call our help desk team on (+966) 9200 00498 (KSA, Toll Free). They will guide you through and will register your complaint and send your query to the relevant department for further process.
Following are the timings of our help desk:
Sunday to Thursday: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Friday - Saturday: Off


Alternatively! You may contact us on email id:
Our relevant team will guide you through and resolve your query/ issue on priority basis.

thanks for the information, is it possible for you to share any estimates about cost here?




EMS Cover Chat Support Agent (A)

we cannot share the cost online they will guide you after launching the complaint when your device will be submitted then the technical team check your device first then communicate you or guide you accordingly which will be very reasonable

thanks alot, that will b all




EMS Cover Chat Support Agent (A)

Thank you for contacting EMS chat support. Have a nice day! Please take very good care of yourself.

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