Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bug in Language Bar Icon of Windows 10 (Updated)


When I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, by default only English language pack was installed, I added Arabic as well and that made the 'Language Bar Icon' to appear in the 'Notifications Area' of the Taskbar. This was not unusual as it use to appear in Windows 7 as well. I turned it off but when I restarted the laptop it was back there again. I tried it several times and the icon always come back.

As Microsoft claims that Windows 10 is based on customers feedback thus I tried to contact Support. The 1st option I was given was "Ask the Community". I chose that and searched the forums and found out this issue has been reported on 31st July 2015 but the answer to that question from Microsoft didn't make sense:

Have a Look

Let's see if I get a reply there, if not then I will try to use "Chat with Microsoft Ans Tech".

I left contacting Microsoft Support long ago coz they were not much of a help, this is after a long time I have contacted them again, let's see if Microsoft is willing to change the perception of its Customer who is using Microsoft OS since 1994.


Update: To my surprise I got a response within an hour. It is not from Microsoft but from another user and it's a workaround but it solves the issue.


Workaround Solution:

1. Press 'Win + X' and select 'Control Panel'

2. Click on 'Language' and then 'Advanced Settings'

3. Under 'Switching input methods' tick 'Use the desktop language bar when it's available', then select Options

4. Under 'Language Bar' select Hidden.

5. Save/OK all Windows and that's it.

Thanks to Alan Russell for this workaround.


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