Thursday, February 18, 2016

Biometric Fingerprinting is Now a Must for Existing SIMs as well in KSA

Last month CITC made it compulsory to have Biometric Fingerprinting while buying a New SIM from any Operator in KSA. Later all Operators sent SMS to existing SIM owners to get their Fingerprinting done by visiting nearest Customer Service Branch.

Now operators have started blocking SIMs whose owners have not got their Fingerprinting completed. If you don't want to lose your number then its better to visit the nearest Customer Service Branch of your Operator ASAP to get Fingerprinting completed.

You just need to show them your Original Iqama and inform them about the number you want to register. They will ask you to place your finger on the biometric device and the process will be complete. You should receive a SMS informing you about completion of this process.


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