Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Al Mona Ajyad Hotel, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Coordinates: 21.409633, 39.828924 

Google Maps Link:

Address: Ajyad Street, Reyaa Bakhsh , Makkah, 21955, Saudi Arabia 

Phone+966 126067580  ext. 3307

Tips for Travelers:
  • You can turn on the TV and see live video of Haram and can make your plans according to the crowd.
  • The rooms facing the clock tower have a very nice view.

"Although there were Pros but some Cons were very strong"I stayed there for 6 nights, with my wife and son, from 19th to 26th January 2017


- Check-in was quick.
- The staff was respectful and friendly.
- Soundproofing of the room was good.
- We had booked a double room but they gave us a room for 4 so the size was very good.
- Bed size was good, which is rare in Makkah.
- AC was very good.
- View from the window was excellent, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
- Washroom size was good as well.


- It seemed that the parking was for someone with the skillset of a circus driver. It was very narrow, dark and dirty. There were also fluids leaking from the ceiling which ruined my car's windscreen.
- There were 5 small lifts but those were not in sync thus in peak times it look some good amount of time to find a vacant one.
- The room had a strong bad smell, we kept windows open with AC running but all in vain.
- There was water leakage in the washroom, which was very inconvenient.
- The frequency of the shuttle service was not that high and the bus was usually very crowded, we mostly walked to/from the Haram.

“Although there were Pros but some Cons were very strong”
urShadow reviewed Al Mona Ajyad on and gave a score of 6.3.
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Although there were Pros but some Cons were very strong - Review of Al Mona Ajyad, Mecca, Saudi Arabia - TripAdvisor
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  1. How much was the price? And how much time did it took walking to/from haram?

    1. SR 120/night, going to haram is downhill, coming back is uphill, time is dependent on the speed, it took me around 15min

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