Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Software/App: Skype v7.15.0.102 for Windows – Setup/Portable Download

Skype | Free calls to friends and family
Stay in touch with your family and friends for free on Skype. Download Skype today to chat and call on desktop and mobile.
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BALTAGY: Skype v7.15.0.102 Silent
1- Silent install
2- Startup disabled
3- Launching Skype after installation disabled
4- There's no Internet Explorer or Firefox addons
5- Skype Updater service deleted
6- Any old version will be uninstalled first
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BALTAGY: Skype v7.15.0.102 Portable
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Latest News about Skype:

Skype Blogs
Product News, Customer Stories and Updates from Skype
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Old News:

urShadow's Blog: Microsoft integrates Skype and Outlook.com
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urShadow's Blog: After Viber, soon WhatsApp and Skype are expected to be blocked in Saudi Arabia
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urShadow's Blog: Rumor: Microsoft to buy Skype for $7 Billion
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Nauman Khan - Quora Profile

23rd November 2015:

Nauman, you crossed 100,000 views on your answers today!



1st November 2015:

11,000+ people were sent your answer in the Quora Digest. What are some interesting facts about national flags? 1 Nov



27th September 2015:

You're now a Most Viewed Writer in National Flags.



Nauman Khan - Quora Profile
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Airlines Allowing Carrying Zam Zam Bottle with Luggage, Free of Cost, at Riyadh Airport, Saudi Arabia (Updated)

Originally Posted on June 17, 2015:

Previously all Airlines flying from Riyadh Airport use to allow one 10 liters Zam Zam bottle to be carried free of cost with Luggage per ticket but in last 2 years this has changed and now some restrictions have been applied by some airlines.


Following Airlines are still allowing carrying one 10 liters Zam Zam bottle per ticket:


PIA – Allowing as of June 2015

Sri Lankan Airlines - Allowing as of June 2015

Gulf Air – Allowing as of April 2015

Oman Air – Allowing as of March 2015

Etihad – Allowing as of April 2014

Qatar Airways – Allowing 5 liters as of November 2015


Following Airlines are not allowing carrying one 10 liters Zam Zam bottle per ticket:


FlyNas - Not allowing as of June 2015

Emirates - Not allowing as of October 2015

Saudi Airlines – Not allowing as of June 2015

urShadow's Blog: New Policy of Saudi Airlines for carrying Zam Zam Water (Updated)
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I have gathered the above information from passengers, plz share if you have an updated information.

urShadow's Blog: Saudi Airlines Baggage, Flight Check-in & Boarding Requirements (Updated)
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urShadow's Blog: How to buy Zam Zam water in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Updated)
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urShadow's Blog: Well of ZAMZAM
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urShadow's Blog: Useful Locations while Travelling to Makkah from Riyadh (Updated)
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