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Sirat-e-Mustaqeem by Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik – Para 4

Harun Yahya - Luminescent Creatures (Updated)

Documentary by a Muslim Scholar 'Harun Yahya' at the topic of 'Luminescent Creatures'

Harun Yahya - The Spider (Updated)

Documentaries by a Muslim Scholar 'Harun Yahya' at the topic of 'The Spider'

Hinduism vs Islam (Updated)

Lecture by a Muslim Scholar 'Ahmed Deedat' at the topic of 'From Hinduism to Islam'

The Miracle in Birds (English - Full) (Updated)

In this film, we will look at the way birds take off, the aerodynamic structure of their bodies, the properties of their bones, the minute hooks in their feathers, the sharp wings of the humming bird, the way migratory birds fly in V-formation, their navigation systems, their different flight techniques, birds that can run or swim faster than any world champion athlete, and the beautiful patterns in birds’ feathers. We will also witness an important truth: Allah’s creation is totally flawless. His art and might are everywhere. Allah, The Lord of all the Worlds, is the Most Great

Harun Yahya - The Creation of the Universe FULL ENGLISH (Updated)

Harun Yahya a renound Islam scholar and author of a wide range of books, explains the how the Universe came into being. He explains using proven Science and also theories held, such as the big bang theory and the expansion of the universe. He then explains further and matches those proven facts and also theories with verses of the Qur'an revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over 1400 years ago. An excellent video for all

Multi Use by PV Soft

This application underwent a few revisions and now this new version is available in BlackBerry World. Multi Use is a simple application that makes posting your status to multiple social platforms easier. So whether you wish to post to Facebook, Twitter, BBM, LinkedIn, Twittly, or your BBM Channel you can do so right from the main screen. All you have to do is select the network and type in your status. Also included with this application is an RSS newsreader aggregator. This Built-for-BlackBerry Application is free to download though you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase of $0.99.

More information/Download Multi Use


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Assalamu'alaikum Wa Rahmatullah e Wa Barakatuhu,



From: Abdul Wasae

Aurat ki Azadi Magar Kis Qimat Pr?

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From: Muhammad Niaz Haroon

Work or Study in Germany

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It takes only 5 mins to fill the form(s) and your free Assessment will be done by hHELIOS experts to evaluate your eligibility for

1) Job Seeker Visa (New Category)

2) Work Visa and EU Blue Card

3) Study Visa

for Germany and rest of Europe !

hHELIOS Free Assessment for Students and Job Seekers for EU and Germany
Study Work Assessment for Germany
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From: Oweis Muhammad

The beauty of our Nabi (SAWW)

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From: Ali Munir

Shaheedat ul Hijab

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Murder of Marwa El-Sherbini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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From: Zeeshan Ejaz

Aik Baap Ki Shikayat

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From: Ali Munir

20020901 - Be Namazi Ka Anjam - Moulana Tariq Jameel - Audio Lecture and Book

20020901 - Be Namazi Ka Anjam - Moulana Tariq Jameel - Book

An Urdu Audio Lecture and Book by Moulana Tariq Jameel on the topic of 'Be Namazi Ka Anjam' on 1st September 2002 in Gulistan Colony Faisalabad

Dajjal k Takub Main

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From: Niaz Haroon


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From: Muhammad Niaz Haroon

The Importance of Ilm

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Assalam Alaikum.

Unfortunately, we (the secularly educated muslims) do not give any importance to the knowledge of Quran and Hadeeth. We may offer namaz and do some zikr, but we show no respect to the Ulema and deeni Ilm. We also don't show any passion or zeal to learn the knowledge of Quran and Hadeeth, and we are content with whatever we know.

Just read the words of Rasoolulah (SAWW) about deeni ilm. May Allah guide us.



From: Ali Munir

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Invasions, the Animated Short Film

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Waqar Younis 7 wickets against England- His best bowling figures

Event: COM.IT - The International Communications & Information Technology Show for Saudi Arabia (Updated)

Update(25-11-2014): I visited it today and there was nothing, the event got cancelled without any notification.



The International Communications & Information Technology Show is a 4 day event being held from 24th November to the 27th November 2014 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center- RICEC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This event showcases products like various services and products related to communications, IT sectors, related services and items etc. in the Computer Hardware & Software, Business Services industries.


Date: 24 - 27 November 2014


Address: Hall 1,2 - Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, 2446 King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh 12451, Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 24.751742,46.724081
Google Maps Link:

+966 1 454 1448
+966 1 454 4846 Web Site E-mail

Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC) is a new world-class exhibition center combining functionality, convenience and adaptability with state-of-the-art facilities and top international standards. A modern international exhibition complex consisting of four halls offering 15,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area in addition to 5,000 square meters of outdoor area, ample car parking with a capacity of 1500 cars and buses, conference hall, support services , VIP reception lounge, business and press centers, restaurants and cafeterias, organizers offices.



Riyadh Exhibition Company
Tel 2295604


I will share my feedback after visiting it this year.



Check Out Photos Of The Pantone Hotel. It Is Colorful

Check Out Photos Of The Pantone Hotel. It Is Colorful
A perfect vacation experience for those who prefer their colors in numbered blocks.
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Pictures: 20141115-01 - Trips to Al Khobar

20141115-01 - Trips to Al Khobar
Photos by Nauman Khan, Nov 24, 2014
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Who Tweeted It First on Twitter?

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Twitter has recently opened up their archives making it possible for anyone to search the entire Twitter database ever since the first tweet was published in 2006. This time-sorted archive of billions to tweets will be extremely helpful for research and more so when you are trying to find out who broke the news first on Twitter or who the original source of a quote is.

First Tweets

To give you an example, if you want to know who said something first on Twitter, say the iPhone, you can head to Twitter’s advanced search, choose a range of dates and dig through the old tweets. If a match is found, you further narrow down the date range and repeat until you find the oldest matching tweet.

There’s a little problem though.

It takes lot of trial-and-error to find the first tweet for any topic. You have to first guess a range of dates when that tweet was probably sent and keep narrowing down that range. The Twitter API does let you search tweets within a date range but, as you have noticed in the Twitter archiver, the API doesn’t return tweets older than a few weeks and thus you’ve to perform searches for old tweets manually.

Who Said It First is my new web-app that seeks to solve this very problem. It helps you find old tweets for any topic automatically. Here are some examples.

Internally, the web app performs binary search against the archives. It takes your search query and executes Twitter’s advanced search for the entire range of dates. It then shrinks the range by half and discards the other half. The process continues till that elusive tweet is discovered. This also explains why the app is slow as it has to perform a couple of JSON requests before getting the result.

[*] Do note that the app only works on the desktop at this time.

The story, Who Tweeted It First on Twitter?, was originally published at Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal on 22/11/2014 under Twitter, Internet.

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