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Request for Donations for a Cancer Patient in Gujrat, Pakistan - Project Complete!

Update (28-6-2017): She has died on 27th June 2017, jazakAllah Khair for your contributions.

Update (27-4-2017): She has to visit Shaukat Khanum Hospital Lahore from Gujrat every week to get an injection. The injection costs Rs 15,000. We are able to gather SR 1,854 (Rs 51,822) so far. jazakAllah Khair for your contributions. If you would like to contribute more than you can use the channels mentioned below.

Originally posted on 27th March 2017:

This 45 years old lady has been working as a school teacher in Gujrat, Pakistan. Her husband left her 15 years ago. After the death of her sister and brother-in-law, she has been taking care of her 1 Nephew (14 years old) and 2 Niece (18 and 12 years old). She is their sole caretaker.

For last 3 years, in her private time, she has been running a school for the orphans/underprivileged children in her area, she has been teaching them school courses and has been providing them with quranic education, food and books, all for free.

She has been diagnosed with cancer and due to this ailment, she is unable to continue her job. She has no other source of income and her treatment is very expensive.

The wife of a colleague at STC has been a student of this lady. My colleague has been trying to arrange financial support for her and his sister is taking care of this lady. 

If you would like to donate any money, it will be given to my colleague (zakat is also applicable on her).

Donations can be made through any of the following channels:
  • In cash to me
  • In a KSA Bank Account
  • In a Pakistani Bank Account
  • Via PayPal

Plz let me know which option suits you and I will share the details accordingly, jazakAllah khair.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Eid Mubarak!


Moon has been sighted in KSA thus tomorrow, Sunday, 25th June 2017 is Eid ur Fitr in Saudi Arabia, inshAllah.

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- urShadow

Events: Riyadh Celebrations Program for Eid Al-Fitr 2017

The Municipality of Riyadh, in collaboration with a number of official and non-official bodies, offer a laudable celebration program for Eid Al-Fitr this year. This comes as a gesture of sharing joy with residents of our precious capital, on this blessed occasion, through a number of festive and recreational events and activities.

Date: 25th - 27th June 2017

Public Activities


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Riyadh Municipality wishes to select 3 locations for fireworks launching, distributed geographically across the city.

Time: 9:15 pm


  • King Fahd International Stadium
               Coordinates: 24.789072,46.838638

  • Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Stadium

               Coordinates: 24.789072,46.838638

  • Wadi Leban Bridge (Suspension Bridge)

               Coordinates: 24.613195,46.58417

  • Street Art Activities in King Fahd National Library Square
    • There are twelve characters each one presents a type of entertaining arts for both youth and children, like:
      • the hard character
      • puppet theater
      • flash mob
      • robot shows
    • These shows start when the audience passes, and this is after choosing Saudi persons who are experienced in such activities.

                    Time: 7pm - 12am

                    Coordinates24.685651, 46.686486

  • Program of Show Riyadh From the sky
    • With the participation of a number of Saudi professionals and from the Gulf States, where they will perform a show with various sizes and forms of remote control planes of the participating planes.
    • In the north of the city there will be show for kinds of aircraft:
      • Gairokopetr
      • Alturalight
      • Maekrolight. Delta
      • Science festival events
                    Time: 4pm - 7pm

                    Address: Banban area on ArRiyadh-Qassim highway

Families Only Activities

  • Yard and Shows In The District Of Al Jazera
    • The shows site in Aljazeera district has many activities like:
      • A heritage village that is completely prepared to show the manifestations of the feast in the past and some acting activities as well as a museum of coins and heritage tools.
      • Preparing 60 shops (booths) for the productive families.
      • The installation of a huge screen a minimum area of 300 m2 especially for women and another for men.
                    Time: 7pm - 12am

                    Coordinates24.669609, 46.802155

  • Al Bujairy District, Old Diriyah
    • Activities in Al Bujairy suburb are characterized by the interactive nature with visitors through a number of entertaining activities which are directed to family and children:
      • the Saudi Ardah
      •  folklore shows
      • light shows on the ruins of Salwas Palace
      • special location for photography
      • special location for drawing and painting for children
      • children stage and cartoon characters shows
      • the popular council in Almatweya garden
      • Artistic and cultural events.
                    Time: 8pm - 12am

                    Coordinates24.737516, 46.575164

urShadow's Blog: Video: Launching Ceremony of Al Bujairy District, Old Diriyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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  • King Salman Park
    • Nomadic events.
    • Classic cars.
                    Time: 7pm - 12am

                   Coordinates24.816304, 46.821048

  • Riyadh Zoo
    • The effectiveness of learning with animals for the children.
    • Misseriya carnival for children.
                    Time: 7pm - 12am

                   Coordinates24.674942, 46.737540

urShadow's Blog: Place: Riyadh Zoo (Updated)
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  • Landmarks Park
    • Children's theater: progress through Carnival offers and gifts for children in addition to the favorite characters and offers them diverse.
                    Time: 7pm - 12am

                   Coordinates24.762274, 46.735448

  • Al-Douh Celebrations Square
    • Activities shall include miscellaneous shows customized for families.
    • folklore
    • Poems 
                    Time: 7pm - 12am

                   Coordinates24.580294, 46.586291

  • King Abdullah Park, Malaz
    • Folklore Tent (in Al-Murabaa Square)
    • National Museum
    • Comic scenes and competitions
    • Popular teams progress prone Arabia, Samaritan, diverse arts communities, and the types of folklore areas in the Kingdom.
    • Offers interactive fountain.
                    Time: 7pm - 12am

                   Coordinates24.666218, 46.740027

urShadow's Blog: 20120614 - National Museum Riyadh
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  • King Abdul Aziz Garden ( Dora Garden Festival)
    • Held by the popular arts from various regions of the Kingdom and the scenes play and poetry contests and other paragraphs:
      • Children's theater
      • The effectiveness of learning Balrtefih
      • The popular market
      • Hippodrome
      • puppet theater
    • Square for bicycles and cars that run on electricity
    • presence of cartoon characters to work races among children, including games airways.
                   Time: 6pm - 11:30pm

                   Coordinates24.744332, 46.720096

  • Play for the Blinds in Dar Al Uloom University
    • Comedy Show for Men entitled 'Five Star School'
                   Time: 10pm - Unlimited

                   Coordinates24.795792, 46.711302

  • Play for the Deaf
    • An opportunity for people with special needs to participate in the celebrations of Eid.
    • Grina Silos Organization Assess the Municipality of Riyadh on the stage of grain silos play for the Deaf, to provide an opportunity for people with special needs of deaf people to participate in the celebrations of Eid.
      • Day One: play my gratitude to you.
      • Second day: play my culture, your culture.
      • Third day: the problem of doomed solution! .
      • Artist Mohammed Al-Zaid
      • Adel Awad
      • Artist Fahd Anzi
                  Time: 10pm - Unlimited

                  I have found 2 locations, 1 of them is correct.

                  Coordinates24.594524, 46.819016

                  Coordinates24.722647, 46.665254


  • Hair Program
    • - Cultural events
    • - Kinetic Games
    • - Children's talents
    • - Cartoon characters
    • - Songs
    • - Clowns Offers
    • - Comic sketches
                  Time: 7pm - 12am

                  Coordinates24.589531, 46.741586

Men Only Activities

  • The Eleventh Cars and Motorcycles Championships (Break of Time barrier)
    • The Forth Autocross championship: These will endeavor to run the specified distance of the race in the least time possible. The championship includes the three automobiles categories. Awards will be given for winners of the first three positions of each category.
    • Remote control car race Activity
    • Modified Cars Show: A number of modified automobiles and motorcycles shall take part in this championship with the most powerful engines ever for full three days. Modified hydraulic motor show in which to display the diverse professional car processed mechanically and equipped with hydraulic systems to raise the car and landed in a wonderful draw the attention of the audience, in addition to the conduct of the way some cars on three wheels. Featuring cars of different colors in addition to ways to open doors for other car parts.
                    Time: 5pm - 11pm

                   Coordinates24.816304, 46.821048

  • Program of Show at Dirab Motorsport Park 
    • A number of festival activities:
      • drag race
      • karting
      • classic cars
      • Modified cars and dancer desert bikes and aerobic BMX
                   Time: 7pm - 12am

                   Coordinates24.459318, 46.587417

                   Phone: +96612168297 / 4653231

  • Comedy Shows for Men 'Qays and Dummy' will be held in Auditorium of Kingdom Schools
    • Starring:
      • Singer Yusuf surgeon.
      • Artist Abdullah Aasri.
      • Artist Wahid Abdullah.
                  Time: 10pm - Unlimited

                  Coordinates24.792334, 46.658781

  • Al Yamamah University
    • Comedy Show for Men will be held in Auditorium of Al Yamamah University.
      • Artist Hassan Hosni
      • Artist Faisy Alissa
      • Artist Muhannad al-Jumaili
                  Time: 10pm - Unlimited

                  Coordinates24.864049, 46.594428

Women and Children Only Activities

  • King Abdul Aziz Historical Center
    • Women's Theater effectively represent variety of programs:
      • National and Folklore shows
      • poetry evening show
      • women play
      • games
      • prizes for the children.
      • Free drawing and coloring.
      • Hina Corner.
      • Hand work
      • Artistical works
      • A play for children roamed Baby Mama.
      • Fashion Gulf View
      • competitions and awards .
                   Time: 5:30pm - 11pm

                   Coordinates24.644012, 46.711367


                  Phone: 011 402 9500

  • King Fahad Cultural Centre
    • A festival comprising of: 
      • Women play (college riots)
      • A play for children
      • Traditional parts
      • Folklore
      • stories
      • folk poetry parts, presented by several famous Saudi female poets
      • special segments for the handicapped children
      • games
      • Hospitality Corner
      • Hand work
      • Coloring and drawing
      • Henna Patterns
      • Artistical works
      • face painting
      • A play for children.
      • And prizes for kids competitions
                  Time: 5:30pm - 12am

                  Coordinates24.638210, 46.653029

  • King Salman Community Center
    • women's festival includes a number of events and folk art as well as a number of paragraphs for children:
      • Folklore arts
      • feasts of the nations with the participation of the communities
      • plays for the women and children
      • carnival
      • games and competitions
      • The prizes and gifts contests.
      • Poetry and poets.
      • puppet theater.

                Time: 5:30pm - 11pm

                Coordinates24.752851, 46.730317

أمانة منطقة الرياض > الموقع الرسمي لفعاليات العيد
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Event Email:
Social Media:
Alriyadh Municipality
Phone: +96614112222
Phone: Toll free Number 940
Fax: +96614112222 Ext. 3648

Alriyadh Municipality

Events of previous years:

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