Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to Remove resycled\ Virus

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Yesterday I was hit with this virus, I searched on internet on how to remove it and following is the way which worked for me

You should do these steps after a fresh reboot or in safe mode.

1) Navigate to the problem drive(s) via the Explore option.


3) Click the button which says ‘Show hidden files and folders.

4) UNCHECK the following boxes:

Hide extensions for known file types
Hide protected operating system files

5) Find and delete the autorun.inf file and the resycled folder on the root directory of all affected drives.

6) Run Regedit

7) Make sure you are at the very first entry of the registry hive. Then click EDIT -> FIND

8) Search for “”. If it finds an entry, delete it. Keep hitting F3 until you’ve deleted all instances of in the entire registry.

9) Scroll the left column back up to the top and highlight the My Computer again at the top of the registry hive.

10) Click Edit -> Find again and search for ‘resycled’ and repeat as in step 8, deleting the entries as it finds them.

11) Close registry editor restart the PC. It should be removed.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mobilink Launches Handset Recycling Project!

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As a caring corporate citizen and an environmentally responsible organization, Mobilink has initiated a project to collect mobile phones and accessories no longer in use, refurbish repairable items and donate them to the Pakistan Association of the Deaf and the Disabled Welfare Association. All donations will greatly benefit hearing impaired and physically disabled individuals by connecting them with the people around them and providing an essential source of communication.

Items beyond repair will be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner in order to ensure toxic chemicals found in mobile phones do not pollute the air or leak into our groundwater.

What is useless to you could bring connectivity to someone’s life.

How to can help

1. You can help by donating your unwanted cell phones, batteries, chargers and accessories (irrespective of the model and make). Simply drop them in the recycling bins that have been especially placed for this purpose at Mobilink CS centres.

2. If a recycling bin is not visible to you, please ask the customer sales representative for assistance.

What will happen to a phone after it is placed in the recycling bin

Mobilink has teamed up with Ring Distributors to refurbish old cell phones using the highest environmental and social standards. Cell phones and accessories received which can be repaired will be refurbished and passed on to the Pakistan Association of the Deaf as well as the Disabled Welfare Association.

Those handsets, batteries and accessories which are beyond repair, will be given to Wastebusters (, a certified waste management organization, for environmentally safe disposal.

Together we can make a difference!

For further information please visit

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange

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Installation and Administration

* Understand BlackBerry Enterprise Server architecture
* Install and configure a BlackBerry Enterprise Server
* Implement administrative policies for BlackBerry devices
* Secure and plan for disaster recovery of your server


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Finally I am starting my blog, not sure I would be able to maintain it or not but I will never get to know it un till I start it. So here we go...

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