Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to get a bank account in Al Rajhi Bank Saudi Arabia–Step by Step Guide

  • Go to Al Rajhi Bank website and create a new account -
  • After getting the reference number print that paper and go to the nearest branch of Al Rajhi Bank
  • While entering the bank take the token slip for New Account or Sales
  • Wait for your turn in front of Sales Counter
  • Upon your turn, give the staff person your
    • Reference number
    • Iqama
    • Copy of Passport
    • Address in KSA and Home Country
    • Your Mobile Number
    • Letter from the Company/Employer
  • They will ask you different questions and would create an account for you and would provide you with your new account number.
  • The first 3 digits in your account number is the branch code. IBAN number is used for international transactions.
  • Take that account number and go back at the entrance to take the token slip for depositing money.
  • Wait in front of Deposit Counter and upon your turn, deposit 75 SR in your account. This is the fee for ATM card.
  • After that go to customer services counter and take the form for ATM card application.
  • After filling it return the form to customer services counter and follow their instructions.
  • After getting your ATM card and pin code, go to ATM machine outside and put your card in it and your pin code.
  • On the Menu, press on other operations till you see the option to change pin code. Use that option to change the pin code.
  • After that reinsert card and press other operations till you see ‘Enter you mobile number’ option on the menu.
  • Use that option to enter your mobile number and upon completion you should receive an SMS.
  • Upon receiving that SMS again go inside the bank on customer services counter and take the form for internet banking.
  • Fill it and return it on customer services counter and return from the bank.
  • Wait for the SMS for mobile number activation. Upon receiving this SMS wait for 24 hrs. and then go to
  • Click on register and enter the required information. You would receive multiple SMS while completing this registration process. Compete this process for internet banking activation and that’s it.



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