Saturday, October 23, 2010

Arabic Classes to Understand Quran

An Arabic course has been started/conducted with the following details:

Course Summary: It is a basic Arabic course to understand Quranic Arabic. It is specially designed for people who are doing jobs/businesses and can spare little time. At the end of this course, the student should be able to translate and understand the Arabic of Quran.

Course Duration: 2 month – 3 classes in a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Institute: Mudrassa Umm ul Qura

Teacher: Mufti Mehmood ul Hassan

Teaching Experience: 6 years in Jame Asharfiya Lahore and around 10 years in Mudrassa Umm ul Qura, some experience in NUST as well

Location: G8/4, Masjid Fatah (near Rescue 15 office)

Timings: 1 hour class is conducted from 6:15pm till isha

Fee: Fee is optional

Start Date: The course has been started from last Monday, 18th October. (You can join from coming Monday and the last week’s course can be covered within no time)

I have joined the course and the teaching style is very easy to understand, please inform me if you would like to join the course.

Allah humain tufeeq de keh hum voh ilm hasil kr sakain jo her musalman mard aurat pr farz hai. Aameen.

Nauman Khan


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