Sunday, August 17, 2014

Event: Buraidah International Dates Festival


STC participates in the International dates Festival in Buraidah as a strategic sponsor for the fifth consecutive time. The sales of the festival  exceed two billions Riyals. The festival is the biggest of its kind internationally. 45 kinds of dates are available. In 2013, more than 800,000 people visited the Buraidah Date Festival. The dates come from Qassim Province and neighboring governorates famous for the crop.

STC participates in the permanent exhibition through a special section which offers various of services known at the same time as marketing offers, new services, and packages which the company offer for mobile and phone. Many marketing gifts will also be offered for visitors.

Start Date: 10-8-14
End Date: 07-9-14


Last year’s post about this event can be seen on this link:


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