Friday, June 26, 2015

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Assalaam O Alaikum,

Alhamdulillah, what we have seen the reversion to Islam is fast in the World & all so called reverted Muslims getting closed to Islam & learning/gaining knowledge whereas we the Muslims by birth still trust the priesthood which is prohibited in Islam. Allah says "Iqra", we must all read & learn.
We have taken up a small effort to provide a platform of learning & unite Muslims at
where you find the following tools:

We are sponsoring Christian/Jews groups like “yahoo group”, “Google group” etc. due to ignorance.
A dedicated IT group has already developed a FREE Platform for Muslim Ummah at where you can register and form your own group and email all members with one click plus you can create your own event, get RSVP, publish classified within group, all free of cost.
You can create your group in English, French, Arabic or Urdu, the language you select.
It has built-up a heavy library of eBooks. For example, you can see Ibn Katheer tafseer of 5698 pages book at and many more books...
You can also upload your books to this eBooks library.
It can provide the following additional tools:-
1. Islamic Networking so that we don't have depend on other community for networking.
2. Live streaming so that the scholars can do live streaming on religious & scientific lectures which can be watched on computers. In another one month time, the same can be streamed & viewed at smart phones, Insha Allah (it is under development). We also provide live Chat while streaming. So that viewer can ask questions to scholars & scholar can watch the live chat & reply during or after lecture.
3. Live Video Conferencing for 5 and above to do Fikhr as Allah swat has ordained.
4. Instant audio or video call to members (each other).
5. Uploading & viewing of video files as that of "you tube", "Vimeo" etc.
5. Uploading & hearing of Audio files.
6. Uploading & reading of digital books, files etc.
7. Forming of Masajid & Organization groups so that the Administrator can send emails to all members with one click. This aspect is very important as all members will be together and with one click emails can be sent to them. At present we are depending on “yahoo group” & “google group” etc.
8. Creating of events in the group like functions, fundraisers & dinner for members.
9. Get the RSVP list prepared automatically on acceptance by members so that Group Admin knows about the attendees.
10. Publish classified Ads within group or for entire world, like sale of property/land etc.
11. External links of Islamic websites & many more....
Please note all the above is free to Muslim Ummah.
In addition we provide News Media service at where all members can voluntarily report News via We provide ID & password.
Please don't forget to register at
which is free and send to your friends/contacts.
Jazakallahu Khairan


From: Major Mir Ali (Retired)

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