Sunday, June 26, 2016

How to Hire a Maid on Hourly Basis through Sa'at Service of Mharah Khidmah in Riyadh & Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Today I saw a van parked outside a villa in the neighborhood, with the marking 'Domestic Helpers Per Hour'. I have not come across such service in KSA before thus I searched for it on the internet and found out the following details:

About the Company:

The Ministry of Commerce approved on establishing Mharah to be one of the authorized companies that provide Human Resources & Sourcing Services since March 2013. Mharah is utilizing the 120 thousand work visas that have been provided by the Ministry of Labor to sponsor workers from various professions (including domestic helpers) from different countries. Their contact info can be found at 


Rates depend on when you are calling for the maid service and the nationality of the maid. The minimum rate I could find was SR 25 per hour. The minimum booking you can do is for 1 month with 1 day (5 hours) per week. Payment is online. Mharah will pick and drop maid at your location at the booked time.

Booking for a Maid Service:

They have a pretty user-friendly method to book for a maid service. You will have to first register on their website at

The guide on how to register and book for a maid is given at


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