Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Who are Supporting Wars and Destroying Peace in this World

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Infographic: The World's Arms Exports | Statista

Infographic: The major players in the global arms market | Statista

Infographic: The USA's Biggest Arms Export Partners | Statista

Infographic: Defense: The U.S. Outspends These Countries Combined | Statista

Infographic: U.S. Bombs Dropped on Foreign Soil  | Statista

Infographic: Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan are Mounting | Statista

Infographic: Trump to Increase Troops in Afghanistan | Statista

Infographic: Afghanistan: America's Trillion Dollar War  | Statista

Infographic: The cost of the UK's air war in Syria & Iraq  | Statista
Infographic: Where U.S. Military Personnel is Stationed Abroad | Statista

Infographic: Where U.S. Troops Are Based Around The World  | Statista

Infographic: Where U.S. Troops Are Based In The Middle East  | Statista

It seems wherever USA invaded:

Infographic: The World's Most And Least Peaceful Countries  | Statista 
Infographic: North Korea Has Conducted Its Sixth Nuclear Test | Statista 

Infographic: Why Kim Won't Give Up His Nukes | Statista 

Infographic: An American Civil War | Statista 

Infographic: U.S. Gun Deaths Outnumber Total War Dead  | Statista 
Infographic: Most Gun Deaths in the United States Have a Tragic Motive | Statista 

Infographic: The Armed States of America | Statista 

You will find more statistics at Statista

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