Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10 Most and Least Reliable Cars of 2016

10 Most Reliable Cars
Consumer Reports' massive annual auto survey reveals the most reliable cars and SUVs. These models shine when it comes to reliability.
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10 Least Reliable Cars
Consumer Reports' annual survey reveals the 10 least reliable cars. These models have the greatest risks of problems.
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Car Brands Reliability: How They Stack Up
Car brands reliability rankings from Consumer Reports are based on an average predicted car reliability score across each brand’s model line.
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Best Used Cars for $25,000 and Less
Buying one of the best used cars is made easier using Consumer Reports' lists of the car models that have performed reliably well and cost less than $25,000.
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7 Least Satisfying New Cars
As part of its annual owner-satisfaction survey, Consumer Reports highlights its 7 automotive turkeys for 2015—the least satisfying new cars. These are the models that have disappointed their owners the most.
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Used Car Owner Satisfaction | Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports used car owner satisfaction of 2009 and 2007 models.
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